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Model: Backhoe Tracked Excavator

Modeller: Paolo Caravani, Rome

Notes: This model is inspired by a prototype LIEBHERR R91. It has six movements powered by a single motor through gearing and linkages. The plastic tracks have spring-loaded tension arms and articulated idlers. Only standard parts are used with the exception of EXACTO large axles for the co-axial transmission. All movements controlled from cab levers.

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Model: Enhanced Traction 4WD Chassis

Modeller: Paolo Caravani, Rome

Notes: This model reproduces a mechanism designed to overcome vehicle stall due to unequal wheel slippage. A system of moving weights [in this case, the drive motor itself] governed by rotational motion of the carrier shifts the vehicle centre of gravity towards the wheel with least traction, thus distributing the vehicle weight in proportion to each wheel traction co-efficient.

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Construction details for this mechanism are published in the magazine of the New Zealand Federation of Meccano Modellers, Volume 22 Issue 5, October 1998.

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